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DUI Professional Providers is conveniently located in the same building as the Secretary of State hearing facility in Chicago. We specialize in providing Secretary of State evaluations and Documents for drivers license reinstatement hearings. Our reputation for quality is the reason why we are the choice of our many Chicago area clients and their representing lawyers.

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 During a driver's license hearing, the Secretary of State’s office considers several factors in the case of a DUI offender in determining he or she is a risk. The State reviews the alcohol/drug evaluation and treatment documentation completed by a IL DASA licensed program as well as your statements before a Secretary of State hearing officer. The evaluation and your testimony will address issues such as the facts and circumstances of your DUI arrest (s) including why you were stopped, how much you drank, your perception as to whether you were intoxicated, the results of any alcohol/drug breath, blood or urine test (s), your alcohol/drug use history, abuse.



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